About me

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I have been interested in wildlife and also enjoyed photography for many years but the two never really crossed until I got my first digital camera. Being a bit of a gadget freak digital cameras really appealed to me and I was keen to find willing photographic subjects and I found wildlife didn’t complain as much as people did. And so my pursuit of the ultimate wildlife photo began and still continues to this day.
Wildlife photography requires a great deal of patience and you have to accept that sometimes you go home without any photos and I enjoy the challenge
Although I am predominantly a wildlife photographer I have dabbled in other areas such as landscapes or seascapes as you can see from my galleries.
I’ve won a few competitions over the years, had pictures in local and national press and even had one of my photos in the 2021 Countryfile calendar.

I was fortunate to win 1st and 2nd place here:
Forestry commission Nature competition

I managed 1st in this one:
Forest Stewardship Council Wildlife Competition

I was Mr May 2021 in the BBC Countryfile calendar.
View details here, "Lady in Red"